Client Spotlight: Katie Jacobson

Client Spotlight: Katie Jacobson

Before I knew Katie, I admired her work and her style. I’m always encouraging friends and clients to peel back the layers to find their true signature style, but Katie doesn’t seem to have any trouble with that. I feel like her soul matches her outfits. Even if she’s in leggings, something about her look is ALL her own. I really admire that about her; like she says below, it’s a true eclectic mix of vintage and contemporary. She looks like she just stepped right out of the 70’s in the best possible way. After you read about her day, you’ll understand how she is able to tune in to herself so well. Her daily practices ooze self-care, and we can all learn a thing or two about how to take better care of ourselves. She knows how important it is to feel like her best self and create beautiful art. Check out what a day in the life of Katie is like… 



Katie Jacobson 

Occupation: Professional Artist


5:30/6:00 - Wake up… turn off my alarm and immediately turn on music. This morning was a Louis Armstrong kind of morning. Music helps give me energy and creates a vibe. My dogs jump in bed and I love on them then will roll out of bed. I wash my face with cold water first thing. 


6:15ish - Drink water, most of the time lemon water room temp, while I make my coffee. I mix coffee, unsweetened almond milk creamer, and Alkamind coffee alkalizer Moca. I can’t go without the alkalizer anymore, it tastes so good and it is so good for my body. 


6:30ish - I sit down in my sunroom or in the dining room, light a candle or incense, and put on a meditation music playlist. I do my morning pages (if you don’t know, check out the book Artist Way) and write my to-do list. My to-do lists are ambitious but they help me prioritize what I need to tackle. I also make a point to write my daily goals; little things like meditate, drink green tea, and clean my room. The daily goals are always self-care oriented, which is something I really strive to keep in practice. I then do To Be Magnetic with Lacy Phillips, I am in love with this course and it has turned into a morning ritual. 


7-7:30 - Breakfast time! I eat eggs and avocado pretty much everyday. I feed the dogs. I then throw something together to take to the studio for lunch and snacks. During the summer this is also my time to fill all of the hummingbird feeders. 


8ish - Get to the studio. I usually walk the dogs first thing and then get to emails and review my to-do list. 


9:30 - I go to a class at River Flow Yoga or if I don’t have much time I will do a Melissa Wood Health video. 


Before lunch, it’s studio warm up time. I get everything set up and ready. I’ll be working on my own paintings to get in flow. It’s important for me to loosen up and have creative freedom when my energy is high. 

My favorite artist to listen to while painting is Khruangbin and Aretha Franklin. I love a wide range of music and I am a big believer in music matching/creating a vibe. I curate my own playlists on Spotify that I’ll put on shuffle depending on what I am craving - like on rainy days I usually crave Bossa Nova. 

I also love having podcasts on. A few of my favorites are The Skinny Confidential, Expanded with Lacy Philips, Goop, and Brene Brown. I love self growth and health focused ones. 


12:00 - I’ll eat lunch and walk the dogs around the block. I usually do a quick guided meditation (it helps me reset) and I then have another caffeinated drink to fuel my afternoon. I love Matcha, Runa and any of the unsweetened Yerba Mattes. 


1:00 - I’ll do things like photographing paintings, shipping paintings, or any errands I need to do. 


2:00ish - Afternoon paint flow begins. I typically start with my own work if energy is high. The process is very sporadic and spontaneous. It feels very subconscious led. I usually have 5-20 paintings going all at once. Once I get in flow and chill out, I will sit down to work on commissions. Commissions are more relaxed/focused work. Their approach is definitely more of a structured routine that I need to be calm for so I can focus. 

I am currently working on encaustic hummingbird and landscape paintings. I create layers of oil paint and hot bees wax. I love the layering and atmospheric quality they have. 

I always have at least a few commissions to work on. I am opening up for Christmas commissions within in the next couple of weeks. 


6:00 - I catch a class of River Flow Yoga (I'm very happy if I can make the time for two yoga classes). If I couldn’t make the morning, evening is my treat to top off the day! Yoga is so good for my mind, creativity, and spirituality. I also love the community at RFY. 


A typical evening goes one of three ways: 

  1. Dinner with friends. We love to cook, if we go out I would say it's 11th and Bay, Saltcellar, or Mabellas. 
  2. Dinner with family. My mom is THE best cook. If we go out it’s 219 or Morton’s. 
  3. Chill night - I cook a healthy meal and will either walk or play with dogs. I usually have an audible book playing. Currently listening to Untamed by Glennon Doyle and Quit Like A Woman by Holly Whitaker. 

If I have a cocktail it's always Cathead Honeysuckle or Bitter Orange Vodka, but recently it’s just been hot tea. I also have been loving Tazo Passion hibiscus tea cold. 

I always top the night off with a hot bath and a guided meditation. 



Signature Style: eclectic! I love mixing contemporary and vintage. Crop tops and high waisted anything is what you’ll typically find me in. 

Unexpected thing in purse: essential oil - Lily of the Valley and Amber Musk

Looking to add to my closet: I have a vintage jacket addiction. I’m also always looking out for high-waisted skirts and pants.


Katie’s need to invest in herself is seriously so motivating and even though we all know we need to do more of that, sometimes it’s hard to make yourself make the time. My main takeaway here is, I didn’t hear one chore in there, or if I did she made it sound like fun. Seeing a friend truly thrive really makes me want to take better care of myself on a consistent, daily basis. You with me?

You can find Katie on Instagram @katiejacobsonart and online at


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