My Style Staples for the Season

My Style Staples for the Season


During the chilly months, it’s fun to layer and mix patterns and textures. I’ve had fun figuring out which sweaters are my favorites and why; each season I pay attention to what I’m not wearing and if I haven’t worn in a few seasons, maybe it’s time to donate or consign. This particular season, running around from preschool to the store to grocery, comfort has been more of a priority than ever. I’ve found that the 3 staples that really make me feel cool and stylish no matter if I have black leggings on or not are-

Necklaces- my new Theodosia butterfly necklace paired with Bent by Courtney’s opal necklace is my favorite combo and instantly makes me feel current, while keeping a timeless, classic feel. Even in sweats and no makeup, that combo has me feeling like a cool mom. 

 Sneakers- The John sneaker from p448 is my go-to. I’ve worn those things constantly for 2 years now, and they are still in great shape! Half the price of some other designer sneaks, and way more comfy if you ask me. I love all their little details of texture and shimmer. They make comfy so much FUN.

Statement Jacket- Life is sometimes getting ready in 10 minutes (or 5!) these days, so I need to have outfits on deck that I know look good and I can throw on and go. I’m a blazer girl, and Zadig & Voltaire can do no wrong, so I pretty much have to grab up every blazer they make that Council gets. The bubblegum pink crinkle leather that arrived last week was certainly no exception. Wow! I still get chills thinking about how great it is. Fits like a dream and is instant style! Jeans and a tee and you’re good to go. The structure and sheer beauty of it will instantly punch up any otherwise boring look.


The name of the game is EASY, COMFY, CHIC. No ones wants to be in style but uncomfortable. That’s no good! The 3 staples mentioned above are pieces I will grab year after year, season after season! Definitely a quality over quantity play. I'm building a wardrobe I love rather than collecting pieces that I'll need to replace. It's like choosing great art - choose things that make you feel happy rather than just what's the trend of the moment. 


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