Clare Koppang

About Clare: I've worked in retail for about 20 years and started doing wardrobe styling in 2008. Council opened in 2014 as a solution to a common wardrobe problem; I kept hearing women were bored with their clothes, and loved certain pieces but didn't feel they could "pull it off". 

Style Philosophy: If it's not comfortable, you won't wear it. It can be the most fabulous piece, but it shouldn't be sitting in your closet, or make you fidget when you wear it. Clothing should fit your body and lifestyle and add to it, not the other way around. Don't ever sacrifice comfort for style! You can have both.

Go-to items in your closet: I love a hat! It adds instant style to any look. And blazers- they polish up any old tee and jeans.

Favorite Brands: Zadig and Voltaire. Ah! I literally gasp when I see their new collections. Also a huge fan of R.G. Kane- so outside the box, but so flattering and wearable. 

Favorite part of the styling experience at Council: I love nothing more than seeing someone come to life in clothes that really feel like them. It's so true, when you look good you feel good, and putting together looks that are comfortable, versatile, but super chic, is the name of the game here at Council. 

Jessica Teal

About Jessica: I've been a Stylist at Council for almost 2 years now, even though I've loved fashion for much longer than that! To sum up my personal style in 3 words, I'd pick: classic, neutral, and chic. 

Style Philosophy: My style philosophy is to find what works for you and learn how to tweak it for every part of your lifestyle (pro tip: invest in solid staples). Curating your sense of style doesn't have to be a chore - it should be fun figuring out what pieces you feel most confident and comfortable in!

Go-to items in Jessica's closet: quality straight-leg denim, white tank/tee, platform sneakers, chic mini dresses, and gold jewelry!

Favorite Brands: Autumn Cashmere, Greylin, R.G. Kane, Zadig & Voltaire

Favorite part of the styling experience at Council: That "Aha!" moment when clients put on an outfit they love. You can instantly see someone's face light up when they love what they're wearing - and helping clients reach that moment is always the best part.

Alli Mathes

About Alli: I’m from Warner Robins, GA but moved to Columbus in 2018! Since I’ve been in Columbus I’ve worked in retail as a stylist. I’ve worked at many retail stores but have found home being a stylist at Council! 

Style Philosophy: Throughout the years my style has changed but I find myself still wearing what makes me comfortable even as my wardrobe evolves! What you wear should be comfortable, easy, and boost your confidence. 

Go-to Items in Alli's Closet: I have a few go-to items in my closet but, I always find myself reaching for easy-to-style dresses, especially if I can rock them with heels, sandals, or sneakers! 

Favorite Brands: Some of my favorite brands are Sam Edelman, Greylin, and Amanda Uprichard! 

Favorite Part of the Styling Experience at Council: My favorite part of the styling experience would have to be building and maintaining customers confidence through fashion!