Client Spotlight: Roben Clark

Client Spotlight: Roben Clark

I first noticed Roben at our children’s preschool taking her son to and from school. I knew she had to be a personal trainer because she has a rockin’ bod, and shows up in the most put-together workout looks you’ve ever seen - always with cool sunglasses and red lips. I thought “Wow, this girl makes workout gear chic!” After we met (I think I probably stalked her on Instagram and asked about training sessions), she started training me a couple days a week during my pregnancy.

Working with her and getting to know her better, I soon found out Roben is a single mom. I was floored. This woman not only gets up and looks like a million bucks taking her son to school, but she also keeps an immaculate house, and prioritizes their healthy lifestyle and her family first. I felt like I should step it up! Roben has a way of motivating just by being who she is; she didn’t cram rules down my throat and make me feel like I had to totally change my lifestyle. Instead, she offered tips and suggestions when I asked, and overall just made it look easy to make those small changes. She’s the queen of preparation - and it makes for a much more peaceful, less chaotic lifestyle. Needless to say, she’s got it going on!

Let’s find out what makes her thrive as she takes us though a day in her life!



Roben Clark: Mom of 2 boys; 1 teenager and 1 toddler, Daughter, Sister, Friend

Occupation: Fitness trainer, Nutritional therapist, Arbonne consultant, Health/fitness influencer

6-6:30am - Get up and have quiet time before my 3 year old, Imri, is up. Warm lemon water first thing. Jesus time to set the tone for the day, remember the daily scripture and carry it with me throughout the day.

7:30am - Imri is up! Make my smoothie, his oatmeal, get his vitamins, make sure he is hydrated. Maybe some Peppa Pig, maybe not. Get dressed and head to school.

9:00am - Drop off Imri at preschool.

9:30-12:30pm - Training sessions with clients, at their homes, the club, or even their office, then scoot to the store for meal prepping for the next day. Being a step ahead cuts down on stress and disorganization so that I can plan meals for my boys and myself. I am a strong believer that stress has a ripple effect and can negatively impact emotions, weight, food choices, organization, etc. So prepping for me = a peaceful lifestyle. I then make meals for my family and my dad while my mom is away at school during the week.

1:00pm - Pick up Imri from school, give him my undivided attention and do puzzles or any hands on activity.

Afternoon - Playtime outside. I am a big proponent of getting a daily dose of Vitamin D and letting my kids explore the outdoors, get exercise and expend energy before it’s time to wind down.

We love afternoon visits with my family - Mom and Dad or my brother, their Uncle Brel. Family time is good for the soul! We get back home before dinner time so that Imri can be on track. My teenage son Jahmai plays with Imri while I get dinner ready.

6:30pm - Dinner time. I love to cook, but we also love to get our pasta fix from Peppone’s once a week, every week! We’ve been doing this for the last year at least. I love carbs! We also eat Indian once a week at Ria’s (Imri calls her Auntie Ann and she shares recipes with me.)

7:30pm - Bedtime for Imri.

After Imri is in bed, I like to decompress by getting a little work done, working on customizing fitness plans, developing fitness programs, writing e-books and cookbooks, and nutrition guides. I always talk to my Mom before bed. That’s a must. I also check on Dad if Mom isn’t in town.

10:00pm - Bedtime. On a good day. Some days I'm up working on things until midnight, and then it's lights out - ZzzzzZzz.



Her Signature Style: If not active wear, mom jeans, a simple white tee and sneakers. Lipstick, always!

Surprising Item in her Bag: A book about juicing, LOL!

Looking to Add to her Wardrobe: Always looking for classic, simple pieces to achieve an effortless chic look, I love nudes, whites, blacks.

Favorite Brands: I love them all! Love all the colors. When Imri asks my favorite color I can’t land on one! I tell him I love them all!



And that, my friends, sums up Roben perfectly. She really is a friend to all and “loves all the colors”. Her big contagious smile is so genuine it makes you smile that big right back! I loved learning more about her life, and especially love her Prep = Peace mentality. That’s something I will strive to take with me and implement in my family’s life as well. Less stress is always a good thing! Head over to Instagram and give Roben a follow and learn more about her inspiring world @fitmomrob!


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