How to Build a Dream Wardrobe

How to Build a Dream Wardrobe

Creating your dream wardrobe can feel a lot like trial and error. Finding inspiration and looks you love is the easy part, finding pieces that actually work for your body, budget and lifestyle is the challenge. Council Wardrobe Studio is here to help solve these wardrobe dilemmas for you, because we know that when you look good, you feel good.

Here’s how to get started building the wardrobe of your dreams- a collection of pieces that doesn’t just fit in measurements, but also fits who you are. (PS- You’re sure to be feeling like your best self in no time and you’ll wonder why you didn’t do this sooner!)

Step 1- Give yourself a quick closet edit. Now, we love to do a full on pull out everything and go through piece by piece, but if you don’t have time for that, quickly pull out the pieces you know you love and wear, and then go through the rest deciding what can stay with alterations or better styling, or what needs to go to make room for pieces that are more true to who you are and will make you feel like your best self. This isn’t the time for indecisiveness. If you haven’t worn it, there’s a reason. Don’t see it as money being tossed out- if you never wear it, it’s actually a waste of money to keep it. Donate, consign or alter the pieces that are left and quickly organize by garment type and color to make it easier to get dressed.

Step 2- Decide what’s missing. What are the missing pieces that could maximize your existing wardrobe and take it to the next level? You may be in need of better basics, like a great V-neck tee or better fitting pair of jeans. Maybe you have the basics covered and need a few stand out pieces such as cool sneakers or statement earrings, a print dress that you can wear five ways or even cozy pieces like sweatshirts and joggers. Building your dream wardrobe does not just mean dressy pieces. It means all the pieces. Why save your best look just for Friday night? If you have to be casual every day, at least make it pieces that you’re excited to wear.


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Step 3- Shop for your Dream Pieces. It may sound fun or daunting, depending on your shopping preference. Even if you do love to shop, finding that one gray cardigan that’s just going to make your life better can be a task. Ordering a ton of things and dealing with returns is a pain, and can be defeating. At Council Wardrobe Studio, we can help walk you through the entire process, from closet edit to final purchases, or we can help with the areas you are struggling. Did you know that we offer personal shopping- if we can’t find it in store, we will help you find it! We’re ready to assist regardless of your wardrobe needs. Stay tuned for our next blog to find out all the dreamy details of what a STYLE BOX entails!

Are you just unsure of what your style is, or what to add to maximize your current favorites? Let’s schedule a Mini-Styling Session in-store or online to get your wardrobe honed into Dream status!



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