5 Pieces You Need For Spring

5 Pieces You Need For Spring
We’ve been talking a lot about how to build your dream wardrobe lately on the blog and social media, here is exactly what you should be looking to add to maximize outfits. I have a handful of helpful suggestions that will take your current wardrobe up a notch, giving you that effortless-chic look you crave.

You’ll be able to add quality pieces that can pair with several different looks, and you won’t feel like you have to run out and buy something new every time an occasion arises. You’re building a wardrobe that really fits who you are, making getting dressed so much easier and authentic, rather than reinventing the wheel with a whole new getup every time you go out.

That Sweater that Speaks to You
Go ahead and splurge a little on a cashmere piece that really makes you gasp. It doesn’t have to be a neutral- choose something fun and colorful such as one of our Autumn Cashmere pullovers that you can throw over a tee, or on it’s own. A few of our favorites are the Shaker Ombre Stripe Crew, the Maritime Gradient Crew, or our Neon Print Puff Sleeve- . These will be a fun, light, super soft fix to those chilly Spring days, and you can finally retire those thick sweaters you wore all winter.

A New Style of Denim
We all have our favorite go-to pair of jeans that we love to wear year-round. This Spring, grab a new favorite staple style such as our Jill High-Waisted Wide Leg, Grace Super Flare, or Harper Boyfriend Skinny. They’re all such flattering shapes, and from one of our favorite brands (Black Orchid) that is beyond comfortable. You’ll truly live in these jeans and be excited about adding a new style denim to your wardrobe.

Layering Jewelry
What’s your thing? A few favorite necklaces, stacked bangles, or statement earring? All of the above? Me, too. I love to layer on simple gold bangles like our favorite cuffs from Bent by Courtney- they’re locally made and never tarnish! They really look like real gold for under $100! Then depending on what I’m wearing I will choose a necklace or two- or three! I like to mix chunky with delicate such as pairing one of Susan Zieman’s pavé diamond pieces with Bent by Courtney’s chain link necklace or star choker. However you layer, adding more than one piece instantly adds something fresh and fun to your ensemble.
Quality Accessories 
Oftentimes we style a look and think “hmm, something’s missing”. Then we add a great J. Lowery bag and p448 sneakers and boom! It looks styled without being overdone. Quality accessories make all the difference. Jeans and a tee just got more interesting. For Spring, our John Yeti Sneakers are our favorite not-boring neutral, and the Max Bucket Bag (in any color!) is an everyday must!
Don’t Underestimate your Undergarments
I’m not talking undies, per se, I mean what you layer under that cashmere sweater or button up blouse. We are head over heels for CAMI NYC silk and lace camisoles. These gorgeous wardrobe musts can standalone for date night, but also pair wonderfully as undergarments. The Racer, Magritte, and Everly are a few of our favorites that are just as pretty as they are functional.
Make way for a new wardrobe, and in turn a new YOU! I keep reading how 2021 is the year of ACTION, making changes for yourself to take steps toward the life you want and deserve. I can’t help but think how cleansing and refreshing a closet edit can be, and just getting rid of and adding a few things will help make your everyday look a little bit different, a little bit more you.
Still not sure how to edit your closet or what to add? We can help! Send us an email at hello@councilstudio.com or a DM on Instagram to let us know what you need help with, and we will get your wardrobe in tune!

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