Client Spotlight: Heather Manderson

Client Spotlight: Heather Manderson


I knew I wanted to ask Heather to be one of our first Client Spotlight's! What I didn't know was the wonderful, sweet paragraph she would write about why she loves Council. AH! She's another customer, like Maria, who is always upbeat and chooses to see the brighter side of life. These ladies work hard and keep smiling! They inspire us to work hard to keep dressing all of you in the latest, best quality pieces we can find!

Heather is such a girly girl, and I love that about her. She has no shame for her love of pink, sparkly things, Taylor Swift, her dogs, her family and just life in general! She's someone everybody immediately wants to be friends with; she and Maria epitomize the true "Council Girl"! Check out what makes her smart as a whip, but SO. MUCH. FUN.

Heather Manderson

Work: Attorney at Aflac

 Style: Girly; Casual with some glam; Leggings are, in fact, pants

 Favorite Colors: Neutrals and anything PINK

 Why I love Council Studio:  I am so happy to have Council and sweet Clare in Columbus!  Plain and simple: Council is WAY better than your typical women’s clothing store.  Clare has fabulous taste and has curated the most stylish and fashionable wardrobe finds.  Rather than relying on the J. Crew catalog for outfit ideas and online ordering from chain stores, Council will help you locally find beautiful and unique pieces for the perfect outfit.  Shopping at Council is a fun experience where you get to browse and play dress up in a beautiful downtown space.  Clare and her team are killing the style game and will eagerly provide tips and answer ANY questions you may have.  Feeling good is looking good, and if you want to feel good then shop at Council. 


Typical Day:

 6:30-8: Rise & Shine! Sleep is my love language so I usually wake up with just enough time to get ready and feed my animals on the way out.  Our kids are old enough to get themselves ready for school, and Bray makes my coffee and to-go food (he’s the best!).  My pups stay close while I get ready, sneaking in as many pets as possible while I pick out my outfit.  Anything I wear from Council makes me feel put together, stylish and confident.  I love feminine dresses like the one I’m wearing here, a linen shirt with a pretty skirt or pants, and any pair of their fabulous denim with a cute top and blazer for “Casual Fridays.”


8:30-12:  I start my work day with a daily devotion which truly sets the tone for my day (currently, New Morning Mercies by Paul David Tripp) and a light breakfast such as yogurt and berries.  My work days involve the usual corporate tasks – emails, phone calls, and meetings -- but no day is the same.  As an employment attorney, I primarily support Human Resources which keeps me engaged with the business and our employees.  I could be doing anything from teaching training courses, conducting an investigation, or completing administrative tasks at my desk.   It is a major highlight if I can swing by Council on my way to lunch for shopping and a chat with Clare!


Lunch: CrossFit most days (lots of dry shampoo + lunch on-the-go), shopping/errands, or meeting up for lunch with friends.  Bare Roots, Simple Greek, and Chili Thai are a few of my favorite downtown lunch spots.   


1:30-5:30: Work, work, work, work, work


Evening: After school/work is my favorite time of day.  Hearing the high/low of everyone’s day, playing with my animals, and having a glass of wine is my JAM.  Add some cheese and crackers and I’m good for the night! In the summer, we sometimes swim and grill-out or stay inside and cook dinner in the air conditioning to survive the heat.  We usually eat healthier dinners during the week and save splurging for the weekends and date nights.  Since Fall is sports season, we will be spending more time at the ball field or pool for kids’ sports in the evenings. I like to unwind by watching TV (news or Netflix) and reading Reese Witherspoon’s book-of-the-month.  Like I mentioned, I really love sleep so most nights I’m usually the first to bed, snuggled and sleeping alongside my pups.   


Weekends: Fun with friends and family, date nights (I love to wear this cami with skinny jeans and heels).  Saturdays are for Georgia Football and Sundays are for Jesus.


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    Tammy Bruner: August 30, 2019

    Heather is so great! A perfect model for sure and beautiful all around. Thank you for sharing this. I’m inspired to head back in to Council for some new pieces.

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    Kim Antekeier : August 29, 2019

    Heather, you look fab. Clare, I need to drop by more often!

  • Author image
    Donna Harlow : August 29, 2019

    I love the photos of Heather . Council Wardrobe Studio clothes look really nice on her . She is one special lady

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