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The main reason we don't dress in our dream wardrobe everyday isn't because we don't or can't own it, it's because we don't plan it. Here's a little cheat sheet to help with some ideas. 

Day 1: Kick off the week strong with a comfortable, chic-as-all-get-out dress to counteract the Monday blues. I promise you, your Monday will be better. Now I did say comfortable. If you choose something that is too tight or borderline too low-cut for work, you will be fidgeting all day and you will not have a better Monday. Make like Sydney here and be effortlessly glam. 

Day 2: on Tuesday keep the glam vibe alive with something sparkly. This sequin mini may not be appropriate for every job, but if you pair it with flats, somehow miraculously it gets longer! But seriously, grab something sparkly. You know you're going to be over your diet by 6pm and halfway through a margarita, so go ahead and dress for the occasion!

Day 3: Wednesday calls for a breather. Middle of the week, throw on jeans and your favorite white top. Something about jeans and a white top is just so classic All-American. If your job won't allow for denim, opt for linen pants and breeze into Wednesday like it's the best day ever. 

Day 4: Put on something PINK! Why not! You might even smile as big as Maria all day! Even better, keep the rest of your look crisp and clean. A pop of pink with white pants and jacket or blazer. Guaranteed you'll get loads of compliments- pink makes everybody happy! 

Day 5: Finally Friday! Give yourself a look and a break! Wide leg, flowy pants with an elastic waist for a splurge-worthy lunch, paired with a simple neutral tee and layered necklaces. Comfy chic!

Have fun with your wardrobe, and wear your favorite pieces. Feeling good about your look will put a pep in your step! 


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