Can We Forget the Rules?

Can We Forget the Rules?

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A client walked into the store yesterday wearing head to toe linen. She paired our wide leg Wendy Pant in black with an olive green linen top. It’s been 100 degrees here lately, so she was dressed completely appropriately. She asked if her outfit was okay for October… to which I replied, “Absolutely! If you lived in the Bahamas you wouldn’t put away your linen”!

It got me thinking. Why do we base our wardrobes around what month it is? Let’s be real, the October heat index in Georgia this past week has beat July’s. Why don’t we dress based on climate rather than supposed season? Sometimes it’s freezing in April, but we feel like our fur vest should be put away because it’s “Spring”. We’ll be sweating it out in corduroy and wool on Thanksgiving when we would rather be in linen, because by midday in the South it’ll probably be close to 80 degrees.


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Let’s forget the rules. Grab what you feel good in- dress for the weather, not the month. We’re all anxiously waiting for cool weather so that we can rock all of those cozy sweaters folded in the top of our closets.

My last post encouraged you to throw on something to help you feel like Fall, but be realistic and make sure to be comfortable. Pair a breezy dress with booties, or throw in a fall color. Don’t put your linen up just yet. If you’re in a beach town, you definitely don’t feel the pull to wear fall clothes in November. So why do we put those restraints on ourselves here?


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