What to Wear in the Fall Heat

What to Wear in the Fall Heat

Boxy Stripe Sweater // Wellington Dress 

 "Welcome to the South!" I like to say to anyone who has recently moved here from a lovely place with 4 real seasons, or a visitor who only packed sweaters for a visit in November. But the truth is, it's not just here. I've been in New York on an unseasonably warm autumn day and on the west coast laying on the beach in a swimsuit in October. It isn't typical, but it happens. The South just has that layer of thick moisture that forces us all to be product junkies, spraying helmets of protection on our freshly-curled locks, and keeping a bar of deodorant handy year-round.

I've grown accustomed to a warm Fall, and have some suggestions that will help you feel like all those leaves on the ground and pumpkins on porches actually do mean seasons are changing. 


Wellington Dress


1. Go for a Fall color palette. I don't mean burnt orange and olive green exclusively, but you can certainly put away your lightweight aqua silk if you want to embrace the season. The dress I'm wearing is a muddy green color in a luxe, thick silky fabric, and it's going to be a Fall staple for sure! 

2. L A Y E R. You knew this one was coming. The mornings and evenings are cool, so take that chance to layer on a sweater or jacket for your work commute and dinner plans. 

3. Watch your fabrics. You may think that light-as-air sweater will be great for the changing of seasons, but if it has even 10% wool, it's going to be WARM. Opt for lighter, breathable fabrics such as cotton, linen, or viscose until the temps get a little lower. 

4. Shoes matter. Feet sweat, so if you've got a sweater on, wear peep-toe booties or an open flat. If you're wearing something cooler like a breezy dress, something that encloses your foot will be fine! Be smart about letting one element of your outfit be breezy!


Paris Skirt


 I hope this helps you not to feel so frustrated with Mother Nature when the months start to end in -ber (instead of brrrr)! While we wait for cooler temps, we can edit our wardrobes a little to reflect the new season. 

As always, we are available for wardrobe help! If you love a piece, but are stuck on how to style it for these in-between seasons, just send us a message and we will send photos and ideas! hello@councilstudio.com 





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