A Day in the Life: Boutique Owner

A Day in the Life: Boutique Owner


It's only been a year since we opened the brick-and-mortar version of Council, and already I feel like I could write a book. I won't bore you with lengthy sagas about the highs and lows of running a boutique; instead, I'll take you through a typical day. Every day is different, so that's hard to do, but for the most part, this is my daily life..


6:45am- alarm goes off; hit snooze


6:59am- snooze again


7:07am- My 2 year old wakes up, so I wake up. (If I can make myself get out of bed an hour before the rest of the house I am a much calmer being, so I don't know why but lately I just want every ounce of sleep. I think we go in cycles with how much sleep we need.. )


7:20am- COFFEE/ eggs and toast with berries, feed 4 pets, 2 cats, 2 dogs


8:55am- out the door to preschool and work


9:20am- grab second cup of coffee at one of my local favorites, get to the store, check emails (I've usually already done this a few times before getting to work/ trying to stop that because balance, ya know?)


10:00am - Open the store! Knock out some Instagram stories while the coffee is still working, try on any new items so I know how they fit.


11:00am- Weekly photoshoot of new products for the website


12:00pm- Talk about how hungry I am and what to eat for lunch...


12:02pm- Get distracted, print off photos of things I bought at market for Fall, organize them by delivery, help a customer, few more stories, restock sold merchandise, take sold merchandise off online store, move a couple pieces around to freshen up the sales floor, emails again..


3:00pm- Realize I still haven't eaten lunch, so grab a granola bar and the applesauce pouch I keep in my purse for 2 year old meltdown moments... because I am probably about to have one if I don't eat. 


3:15pm- Help a new customer with outfits for an upcoming trip, she raves about her new pieces, I make a new friend and remember why I started. 


4:15pm- Realize the time so I tie up loose ends and write notes for tomorrow, head home to relieve the babysitter.


5:00pm- Home. Playtime or pool time, quick supper for her..


6:30pm- Y O G A  to exhale all the junk. Ahhhhh...


7:45pm- Back home. Make a healthy-ish supper, pop open computer to knock a few more things off the to do list in efforts to make it stop growing. A few for work, a few for home. Pay bills, re-order things we are out of, make a grocery list.


9:30pm- A glass of wine and catching up with my husband on the patio. Watch Big Little Lies or Friends or just go to bed.


11:00pm- ZzzzZzz

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It's not easy to juggle running a business and running a home, being a good mom and wife, giving pets attention, and keeping up with my family and friends, let alone making time for things that fuel my soul like reading and yoga. You have to squeeze it in the cracks, when you get a free minute, take it!


Set priorities and goals and stick to them. Make lists, writing things down gets it out of your head somewhat and helps you to visually organize your thoughts. Sometimes I realize something on the mental list that I was stressing over isn't even something I need to do. I try to remember a time when I dreamed for the things and people I have now, and keep that as my motivation to strive for being present over perfect and doing the best I can. 

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    Mia: September 25, 2019

    hello, the dress you are wearing on the picture above……do you have the Avalon maxi shirt dress (orange) available in the store?

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