"What is My Style?"

"What is My Style?"

So now that you've edited your closet, let's take a deeper look before we move on to the styling portion. Let's find out what your style truly is, and if you're living up to it.

Before you decorate your home, you probably do some research. What style is "me"? What furnishings fit my lifestyle and my family's needs best? What is in my budget? Do I want a sofa I have to replace in a few years, or one that will stand the test of time? What colors am I drawn to? You live in your house everyday, so you want it to be nice and comfortable and "you". See where I'm going with this... So often we discount clothing as not being a priority because we have kids, or we don't go "anywhere nice" or we don't want to be seen in the same thing twice so why invest, it's dry clean only, the list goes on. While I totally get it, I also get that we have to get dressed every day.

Comfort doesn't have to mean sweats, and on the other side of that coin your sweats can be styled in a way that is totally you and makes you feel chic! The point is, looking good will help you to feeeel good and that doesn't always mean dressing up. It could be a super soft tee that changes your mood today. Styling is about making the outfit your own- not a carbon copy of someone else.

"Fashion is what you buy, style is what you do with it".

Every time you dress for you, you're going to feel better about life. Promise. Here's a little exercise I encourage you to do if you're struggling with "What is my Style?".

1. Put on some of your favorite music and write down any words that inspire you. They don't have to relate to fashion at all. People, places, colors, architecture, things, songs, whatever!

2. Then write down some of your favorite pieces of clothing that make you feel so great when you wear them. (Take note of the pieces you make have kept because you "love" them, but always leave you feeling a little uncomfortable. Consider tossing or consigning these pieces.)

3. Write down any piece of clothing or color or style that you see in stores or on someone and always makes you swoon, but never buy because it doesn't make sense for your lifestyle, etc. Maybe it's a leather jacket, or a bold, floral skirt. Is there any coincidence in the first list and the third list? Maybe you're finding that what you have in your closet and what you continue to buy aren't YOU at all. Or maybe you're right on point! 

Have you found out anything about yourself? Are you living, dressing, like you? Or are you bored with yourself? I have to say I did this exercise as I typed this and found I'm just doing what's easy and not really wearing what I LOVE. Yes, I have a toddler, but I also have to feel good every day and if dressing well makes me happy then a little yogurt crust on my skirt isn't the end of the world. (Also, baby wipes do wonders for food stains!)


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