What’s in Your Cart vs. What’s in Your Closet

What’s in Your Cart vs. What’s in Your Closet


 It’s always fun to build up a shopping cart online somewhere, then evaluate it and decide what we really need. Most times, we end up with a white button up shirt similar to the other 4 in our closet. Or a couple dresses that don’t work and we have to send back, so we give up altogether. Why don’t we ever press “place order” on those outfits that we know will be game changers for us? A plethora of reasons- we convince ourselves money is better spent elsewhere, we don't know how to style it, or body issues start to arise when buying clothes and we don’t want to go there. When did shopping become such a chore?


 It used to be a fun Saturday tradition to get dressed and go out to lunch, then hit the town for an afternoon of shopping. Adding a new piece or outfit to your wardrobe would set you up with a big dopamine hit to start the week. Why do we feel ashamed that we are spending money to better ourselves? The same wouldn’t be true if we bought a great new lamp or rug for the home. That’s an investment; sure, in your home, in which you live. You also live in your body, and have to feel good. So just as you’re affected by your surroundings and want to enhance your home or drive a nice car, living in clothing that makes you shine is important, too.


Knit Tote Bag, Player Rib Tank, Wide Leg Pant,

Nantucket Sweatshirt, Linia Skirt, Osaka Sneakers


 What's in your closet now that is working for you? Take yourself back to a time when you had on a great outfit and you felt really good wearing it. It made you feel happy and powerful. You had more confidence. What was it about that look that made you feel so great? The comfort of the fabrics? The color or shape? Pay attention to those shapes that work well on your body, and keep in mind while shopping. When you realize which styles, colors, fabrics you feel really good in, you can build on that and start to collect pieces that all work back together to create a well-rounded wardrobe that really feels like you. That’s what it’s all about. We don’t want to be carbon copies of each other and lose our individualistic style.


You were born to stand out in your own special way. Don’t settle for a trend you don’t like just because it’s in. Your body language will show how uncomfortable you are, and you’ll regret the purchase. It’ll start to put a bad taste in your mouth for shopping in general. And don’t let size get you down. Everything runs so differently even within a brand. Based on fabrics, stretch content and styles, I have 4 different sizes in my closet. Wear the size you feel best in. If you buy too tight hoping it’ll give, you will probably never wear it. Shop for your body now.


Manning Top, Cotton Maxi Skirt


 Next time you’re building a cart, decide to invest in you. At the end of the season, you’ll thank yourself after wearing those pieces on repeat and feeling great in them. The trickle effect that will happen when you feel more confident and comfortable in what you’re wearing can be often underestimated, but I promise- makes for better days and a happier you!


Text the Council phone anytime; our stylists are excited to help build your next great outfit! 706-987-9486.


Photos by Morgan Duke Photography.


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