Vacation, Everyday!

Vacation, Everyday!

The end of Spring rolls around and in between booking babysitters and planning summer activities, we find ourselves dreaming of sand and sun. We mentally lay out outfits for vacation next month, maybe even buy a few new things to show off those tan legs. All of this dreaming while rotating the same tee shirt and shorts, and saving our new looks for vacay.

Are you guilty of "saving" items to wear for a special occasion? Then after you've worn them, they go back to the back of the closet until the next event (maybe end of Summer, or maybe next year). You couldn't dare risk being seen in the same getup twice in a month, and God forbid by the same group of friends. I get it. I do the same thing; or, I used to. 

Faux Leather Bodysuit // Boyfriend Blazer

I've found over the last decade my closet has done a total 180 about every 2-3 years. Some classics stay, but I usually don't even like what I picked out 3 years ago. Now, I have a different mentality. As I have aged, and my budget has allowed for some flexibility, I want pieces that will last, and that I will like for a long time. I shop more thoughtfully, instead of running out and grabbing something for an event that isn't even a good shape on me or might not hold up after a few washes.

I choose things that are versatile, flattering and comfortable. That to say, I don't feel as if I have to wait until vacation to wear that new eyelet skirt, because I've already worn it with a tee and sneakers on the weekend, with a silk blouse to an event, and I plan to throw on a bright cami and sandals for vacation. 

When you fill your wardrobe with pieces that are just right for you- fit your body and lifestyle well- then you'll find the freedom to dress better everyday. Your mood will be boosted because you really feel good about yourself and are happy with your look. Sure, some days we all run around in yoga pants, but dressing like vacation everyday will put a pep in your step, and eventually, will even save you money.



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