Mood-Boosting Brights

Mood-Boosting Brights

When shopping lately, you’ve probably noticed more bright colors available apparel wise. We went through an everything neutral phase in fashion, which is still and will always be a chic idea, but lately we’re thrilled to see pops of bright lime, coral, and royal blue to name a few.


When buying Hunter Bell for the first time, I really liked that almost every piece had a bright print. The Rita Dress in lime is the ultimate bright, and Hunter herself said recently, “Dopamine brights are trending right now”. Which brings me to something really fun and interesting- you know how we call it “retail therapy” because buying something we love can make us feel so good and boost our mood? That’s the whole vibe happening with brights having a moment in fashion right now. We are so here for it, and don’t want it to go anywhere anytime soon. When thinking about the store and what I like the flow of color on the racks to look like, I always picture a bright tossed here and there, like bright coral amongst blushes and ivories, or a pop of lime with white and denim. It totally does give a dopamine, mood-boosting effect, and you can hardly be in a bad mood wearing something so fun and cheerful.

Palmer Dress by Hunter Bell

I noticed a lot more brights being offered at markets after the shutdown of 2020, and it gave me a good feeling that the fashion industry was always going to be something people can go to for a smile, to feel better. Buying a piece of art you can wear, having something that fits you in a way that makes your literal soul shine through- that's what brings that feel good dopamine, too.

Coral Silk Tee / Coral Pant by Ripley Rader

That’s what we aim to do at Council. I often say, “if you’re not crazy about it, put it back”. I want your closet to be comprised of pieces that literally make you smile when you put them on. Dopamine brights forever!!!

I loved wearing the Rita on vacation last week! 



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