4 Summer Staples Your Closet Needs

4 Summer Staples Your Closet Needs

Summer is a chance to slow down a bit and savor the long, warm days. It’s a great reminder that style doesn’t have to be fussy. Your outfit doesn’t have to be perfectly planned or even ironed. Summertime is a season for throw-on dresses and crinkle linen, shorts and hats, minimal makeup and maximum fun. The warmth encourages airy, light layers and pieces that travel and flatter. Even if you don’t have big travel plans on the calendar, I have found that last minute invitations pop up and it’s nice to have a few staples on hand. Let’s talk about 4 pieces you should absolutely consider as your go-to Summer standbys.


  1. Your Fabulous Straw Hat… the no-brainer. I wear my Janessa Leone straw hats from April to October! They’re the perfect accessory to a simple tee shirt dress or linen shirt and shorts, and a great cover up for dirty hair days, too.



  1. Your Summer Throw-on Dress. Grab a few of these, you’ll live in them! A throw-on dress is an easy way to style your poolside or beach look- throw over a swimsuit and grab that hat. Or, pair with sparkly sandals or wedges for a fun dinner, or even sneakers for a day of travel. Then as the Summer days start to turn into Fall, pair her with your favorite sweater or jacket. She is oh-so-versatile!



  1. Your Third Piece. This one can be a few things, but every good outfit needs “the third piece”. For example, just a top and jeans is a tad underwhelming, so add a statement necklace situation, cool hat, or in this case- linen duster. The third piece is often another layer that adds color or texture and helps fine tune the look. The Linen Duster breathes, and is great for cool restaurants or airports, or even just as sun protection. It can be worn over just about anything- shorts, dresses, or jeans and a top.



  1. Your Statement Bag. Choose wisely here- a bag that doesn’t work for you is just annoying. But when it does work- ah! A great bag can take you places. Our Eye Tote is the right mix of style and function. First of all, it sits! No falling over and spilling the contents of your life into the floor at every turn. Second, it fits a laptop and all sorts of things, but the structured shape keeps everything organized and easy to quickly locate. Last, it’s just a beauty! It is fun to carry and easy to pair with simple, neutral looks.


These Summertime staples are a great investment to your wardrobe since they’re all timeless, classic pieces that you will pull out year after year… some you may never put away (that dress!) And the best part, they can all be styled so many ways to maximize wear.


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