Meet the Stylist: Jessica Teal

Meet the Stylist: Jessica Teal

Spring is upon us, and there's nothing more exciting to us than getting your closet shaped up so that you can start to dress exactly how you want to everyday. Our stylists are always ready to help with your wardrobe dilemmas, and help build your dream wardrobe that you'll wear for years!

Our Mini-Styling Sessions are a great (and free) way for you to start the process (In Person or Virtual)! We also offer Closet Edits, a more in-depth look at your wardrobe, that is incredibly helpful with fine tuning your look, and starting to build a wardrobe you'll wear and love for years! 

We know that inviting a stylist into your life is a bit personal, so we wanted to take the time to introduce our stylists and have you get to know them better!

This week, we're featuring Jessica Teal. She's got that cool-girl, laid back vibe down pat, with a classic feminist twist that makes everything she puts on look like it was made for her. Talk about effortless chic!

Read along as we ask her a few questions to get inside her head!

Wardrobe Stylist: Jessica Teal

Hometown: Columbus, GA

Favorite Piece of Clothing: Straight or Wide Leg jeans! Ask anyone - I wear these pretty much everyday.

Go-To Look in a Pinch: A plain white tee, relaxed jeans, and platform sneakers. I love having a blank slate such as a white tee to dress up with gold accessories or a fun statement piece. It's so quick and easy!

Dream Vacation: Barcelona, Spain. This has been my dream vacation ever since I was little. If you've ever been yourself, I would love to sit down and talk about it with you! Hearing travel stories (and seeing all the pictures, of course) is my absolute favorite. 

Carry on or Giant Suitcase: I'll forever be that person who brings a giant suitcase on every trip. Whether I'm flying or just driving somewhere for a weekend getaway, you can guarantee that I'll have way too much packed. 

Coffee Order: Either a White Chocolate Mocha or a Vanilla Chai Latte - hot or iced!

Wardrobe Hack You Standby: You can never go wrong with a front tuck! Unless your jeans are insanely high-waisted, I promise that a front tuck will make your outfit look much more streamlined and put together. 

Favorite Thing About Your Job: If I had to pick just one favorite it would definitely be the relationships you get to build with every client. Every person that walks through our doors has a different story, and whether you get to know them on a personal level, or just get to learn about their style and offer your styling expertise, you're able to form a bond with them no matter what. 

I hope you enjoyed getting to learn a little bit about me! Stay tuned for next week, where you'll get to meet my right-hand gal: Katie Anne Roberts!



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