How to Hide a Pooch

How to Hide a Pooch

19 weeks pregnant here- major pooch to hide, and V neck top front-tucked + print, elastic waist skirt does the trick! 


Ah, the dreaded stomach pooch. It can be a result of lifestyle, body style, heredity, aging, pregnancy, post-pregnancy, or fluctuating weight to name a few. Whatever the reason, it can create wardrobe dilemmas, and make us inclined to wear oversized clothing to mask it. What if I told you wearing those giant tops are only making it worse? Or, those pieces may hide the pooch, but are making the rest of you look bigger, wider. I’m offering a few tips and tricks to help hide the pooch, and keep you looking slim. Let’s get right down to it.


The Clare Top in Gray    Wide Leg Ankle Pant in Gray 

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Why is it called the Clare Top? Because we had the Crop Top, which is great, but a little short for a lot of pants/ people's preferences, so I kept asking the company to make it 3 inches longer, and finally they did! This one is the perfect length to be flattering and cover your pooch! 


  • Stop wearing longer tops to hide it. You don’t necessarily need more fabric to hide your pooch. Most likely, your hip area right above the pelvic bone is a flat area of your body, and the pooch is just above there. Let’s highlight the hips, make your legs look longer, and mask the pooch. Keep your tops shorter- at or just above the hip bone- and front tuck longer tops to create an illusion that you don’t have a pooch.
  • Higher waist pants aren’t always better. Sure, some high waist jeans/pants are made just so that they have a thick stretchy material and can smooth a pooch. However, a lot of higher waist pants accentuate a pooch. Go for a mid-rise pair (like our Harper Boyfriend Jeans) and you can likely go a size down since the zip and button will hit right at the top of your hips, below the belly.


(14 weeks pregnant, definitely had to work my magic to hide the pooch!)

The Harper Boyfriend Jean is just the right mid-rise!

Karla Hat  / Flare Hem Top


  • When in doubt, a V-neck and a print will mask it. A V-neck is just such a flattering shape, and when you choose a print – especially a darker, or smaller, busy print, you’re able to hide the pooch easily! Front tuck if the top is longer than the top of your hip bone to show off that flat hip area.
  • Never underestimate a button up. A classic button up shirt is a great way to mask a pooch or larger chest. Make sure to choose one that’s shoulder seams sit right on the edge of your shoulders, or just over the shoulders for a more relaxed look. Don’t button it too high. When you create that great V-neck shape, you’re showing more of your collarbone, and this becomes the focus rather than your “problem areas”. Also, a side tuck with a button up helps mask a belly!


Not pregnant here, just wine & cheese pooch that needs a little disguising! 

Button Up Tops  / Our Fav John Sneakers


I hope these tips help you to feel more confident! Your body is beautiful no matter what, but I know how irritating it can feel to not be comfortable in your outfit. When you feel put together, you can worry less about what you’re wearing and concentrate more on enjoying every minute!


For a more personalized styling experience, reach out to us about a Mini-Styling Session! We want you to feel your best every day, whether you’re in your favorite cocktail outfit or sweats.


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