Client Spotlight: Betsy Ramsay

Client Spotlight: Betsy Ramsay


I remember the first time I met Betsy about 12 years ago, I was working in McKay's, an upscale women's clothing shop in Columbus. She breezed in, in usual Betsy fashion to check out what was new, and by the time she left I thought, "I want to be Betsy when I grow up!". She just embodies that effortless chic look and attitude that we all aspire to have. She does a good job of laughing at herself and not taking life too seriously. She has fun with her wardrobe, trying new trends, but sticking with the classics in terms of shape. She knows her body and what works and what doesn't. I was anxious to get her in for a client spotlight and see what a day in the life looks like for her, how she keeps that "just left the spa" glow and positive energy flowing! 



Betsy Ramsay


Anytime from 5:00am-6:30am- Demanding little puppy dog, 8 month old Cavalier Sophie- wakes us up and rules the roost.

 7:00am- I still get the newspaper! Sit down and read the paper have a bagel, diet Coke (1 a day)

9:00am- Pilates at Quest (3 x a week). I love it. 

11:00am- Historic Columbus Board Meeting- I'm on the executive committee, and I really enjoy it- they do a GREAT job, YOU NEED TO JOIN! –Remember the "Night in Monte Carlo" event this year? We're doing “A Night in Singapore” in early Spring 2020- casino night- SO MUCH FUN!

1:00pm- Lunch at Bare Roots or Parker's Pantry with friends or family. Love the stuffed sweet potato at Bare Roots and the soups at Parker's are out of this world! Then will stop in to Council to see what's new!

3:00pm - Pastoral Institute Board- I love being a part of something that has made such a difference in our community, changing peoples lives for a healthier mind, body and soul. 

 5:00pm- Home to walk on the treadmill. I do this 3 times a week, about 30-45 minutes. 

6:30pm Then Sophie has to have her supper, and Al has to have his...! I check the fridge in the garage for ours; Suzanna Lampton drops off meals every week! It's so easy and they're delicious!

When we don't eat her meals, we eat a tomato sandwich at home, or go out to eat at one of our local favorites. Of course I prefer going out to eat! Latest favorite is Saltcellar. We went last week, and the service was just perfect. 

Go to cocktail: Tito's & Tonic with supper 

9:00pm- I take a bath and read at bedtime. I love to read! The best book I've EVER read is Where the Crawdads Sing by Delia Owens. She''s coming to speak at the library in January!

Then it's lights out! Sophie is spoiled, she sleeps with us. We turn the AC down really low and cuddle with Sophie. 




I'm also on the Wynn House board (historic preservation- my grandmother Mary Elizabeth Butler lived there!) I really enjoy that, too. 

My Style Advice: I can quote my old friend Rick McKnight- “Fashion is an attitude”; You can wear anything you want to if you feel good about it. And age is really not that important! I can’t wear a little skirt that stops just below the fanny, but most anything else!




Thank you Betsy for taking the time to be our client feature and for being fabulous YOU! Betsy is wearing our Midi Sweater Dress by Autumn Cashmere, paired perfectly with sneakers and heels!


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