4 Ways to Child-Proof Your Look

4 Ways to Child-Proof Your Look


 Are you in a gray tee shirt rut? Is your mom uniform getting a little - well, bland? There's nothing wrong with a simple ensemble; in fact, they're some of my favorite looks. I like to have a blank slate- tee and jeans- so that I can pair different shoes, accessories, outerwear to make it a completely different look each time, all while staying comfortable. But, as a mom, I know sometimes you just want to (need to) feel a little pep in your step. There's nothing like throwing on something that just makes you feel like YOU to turn your frown upside down.



Don't be afraid to pair a fun skirt with a tee and sneakers for a day of errands!

This little Zadig skirt is 50% OFF!


For me that's a dress or skirt. I love jeans, but I just feel like I have a little more to offer the world in a fun skirt or chic dress. I don't mean heels and pearls. I mean everyday. Throw them on with sneakers or a comfy low heel, maybe change out my everyday jewelry for a piece I don't wear often that makes me feel special, and bam! I suddenly feel like I can conquer the day! I have learned that when I take time for myself, I am better for everyone else. 

OK, now, let's talk what to wear. Here are my thoughts on how to dress for YOU and feel great, even if you have little sticky hands around. 



This fab print dress is SO COMFY. SO CHIC. And hides stains...!

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1. PRINTS, PRINTS, PRINTS. A print fabric has a pattern, usually multiple colors, and hides stains well. So if you're halfway through your day and yogurt hands tug on your shirt, no worries. The stain will likely disappear, or be hidden well in the print, and you can deal with the stain later. The Dorotea Zebra Dress is my favorite print to throw on with sneakers, or The Sachi Tie Dye Dress is a great option (and on SALE at just $59!) and can even be worn open over a cami and shorts or jeans.


The Dorotea Dress. Year-round perfection!     The Karla Fedora Hat


2. PAY ATTENTION TO FABRICS. Care instructions depend on what your garment is made of, and how easily it will show wrinkles or sweat stains. If you're anything like me, I need something that is either supposed to be wrinkled or doesn't wrinkle easily and definitely doesn't show sweat stains. Polyester gets a bad rap, but it is very wrinkle resistant! I love our Denise Dress for an easy throw-on-and-go option. Cotton, linens especially are my favorite for hot days when I know I will be outside and sweating. Our Angel Tunic is a great lived-in linen option that is easy to care for and wear over and over. The Sia Tank is another favorite for it's fun madras print and easy linen fabric.


3. GO FOR COMFORT FIRST. When you're getting dressed for a day with your little one(s), grab something comfortable. Try to avoid a short dress that will ride up when you pick up your child, an off-the-shoulder top that they may be able to yank down easily (yikes!), or tight pants that might rip if you have to squat down quickly to tie a shoe. Pieces that give a little room, and are more covered are the pieces I gravitate toward for days with my daughter. I love our Wendy Pants (they've got an elastic waist and pockets!), or Dixie Skirt with a tee and sandals. 


4. SHOES MAKE THE DIFFERENCE. It sounds obvious, but you wouldn't believe how many times I have thrown on sandals and regretted it almost immediately. Some flat sandals can rub and be more uncomfortable than wedges. In short, know your shoes. Take a spin around the house before leaving to make sure you're comfortable. I've been throwing on sneakers with just about everything these days. My favorite easy, comfy look with sneaks is cut off shorts. The Karen High Rise Denim Shorts are my favorite. They are a great length and don't gape open when you sit down! 


The Karen High Rise Denim Short, comfy and the perfect length- a Summer staple!


A couple more suggestions for loving getting dressed everyday...

MOST STAINS AREN'T PERMANENT. But your reaction to sticky hand stains can leave a mark, so be gentle (speaking from experience here) with your words, and enjoy your fabulous outfit. If you can't google a surefire stain trick, my friends at MasterKleen in Columbus can most likely get it out; I can't tell you how many stains I thought would ruin my clothes and then they came back looking new!


ATTITUDE. Embrace the day! YOLO. Just make up your mind that you're wearing that cute outfit and get on with it. Know that a stain may happen and in the event, you'll take care of it. If you're really worried, bring an extra tee in your bag. You dress your kids in nice things, and scrub their stains out, so why wouldn't you do the same for you?

I will leave you with that thought. I encourage you to dig a little deeper, stop the excuses and just wear what you love! 

*TIP* Here's a little surefire stain trick that one of my awesome mom friends taught me- 

Put baking soda, blue Dawn dish detergent, and hydrogen peroxide on the stain. Rub it in a little. Let it sit overnight in a bowl of HOT water. In the morning wash as normal. 9 times out of 10 this has taken care of the stain for me! 


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